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Is The Break Free F&I Masterclass

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Yes! This 'F&I Masterclass' is especially for you if..

  • You've been to F&I trainings, tried the things they taught you, and maybe even followed them step by step with little to no results.
  • You're totally new to F&I and worried about the selling part of it.
  • You're an experienced F&I manager, comfortable with the paperwork side of it but haven't been able to consistently stay in the 6-figure income ...
  • You think you're doing an okay job at F&I but you have no idea how you compare to others outside of your dealership and the only people you learn from are the warranty providers.

Just to make sure it's for you... I'm giving you immediate access to a 30-minute Masterclass where you'll leave with 10 BULLETPROOF STRATEGIES to start using before the Challenge even starts. To help you out I'm also giving you my 28 page booklet in case the masterclass goes too fast. 

Make sure you have a pen and paper ready to take notes as I share some behind the scenes F&I secrets you can start using within minutes. Then you can decide on your own if you're ready for more when it begins. 

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AT LAST! A Real "F&I Guy" Giving An F&I Training Event For A"


From: Tommy Ady

If you want the ONE AND ONLY F&I process that brings speed, simplicity, and profit to every sale, every day... without frustration, lender declines, or disappointed buyers...

... then you're at the right place.

Here's the story:

I handled every position...

Sales, F&I, Sales Manager, GSM, GM, dealer principle, and then I just finished speaking in Las Vegas when:

the AIMExpo audience asked me point blank: 

"If you had the PERFECT F&I PROCESS, how would it work?"

And I told them the truth:

"It would be the Break Free F&I Method."

Why the "Break Free Method"?

...Because the "the right F&I method" is the fastest way to experience a cash infusion, increase your personal income, and help an entire sales team experience massive growth!

Simply put - it's the perfect method if you want MORE income and MORE sales in a FRACTION of the time it would normally take with a regular old school method.

Plus, it's the BEST method for people that don't want to use outdated strategies traditional trainers are teaching... but want a modern process for their dealership!

Break Free F&I Methods work, and they are incredibly profitable, especially if you're just getting started.

When I started in F&I, I didn't even have a '4-column menu' or any menus to speak of... and was just step selling until I created this method.

Then my CSI ratings and profitability rankings were so good, that other F&I managers and dealer principles were begging begging me to teach them the system I'd been using.

Since then, my Break Free method has contributed to 300,000+ powersports sales while being utilized by many of the world's most prominent dealerships!

Join Tommy Ady:

F&I Challenge Masterclass!

When you say "yes" and join the challenge for today, I'll show you, in less than 90 minutes a day for 8 days, how to easily (and quickly) boost your income, sales, and skills!

Here's What You Can Expect During The 8-Day Challenge:


Before the class even starts, you'll have 10 Strategies that'll give you a jumpstart  with everything F&I related. Then on Tuesday, August 6th... I'm going to show you: 

On Day One... I'm going to show you: 

  • Real-world F&I Strategies that are working today
  • Why modern F&I Strategies will help your sales teams increase their sales which in turn help you increase your sales and income
  • Why THIS challenge course is essential for ANY F&I Manager and ANY Motorcycle Dealership!


Preparing Customers For a Positive F&I Experience Before the Introduction


Million Dollar Scripts Without Sounding Scripted


The F&I Roadmap That Leads a Manager to a 6-Figure Income

On Day Two... I'm going to show you: 


The Customer Roadmap that Speeds Transactions and Profits Up


Simple Schedules and Techniques For A More Profitable Experience


Use this 30-second Video That Puts All Customers At Ease & Ready to Buy

On Day Three... I'm going to show you: 


Copy n' Paste Emails That Make Money


A Quick Copy n' Paste Text That Brings Measurable Same Day Results


On Day Four - Five... etc. I'm going to show you: 


Find Out If Your Menu Structured For Maximum Profit?

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Your Host During This


Tommy Ady

Tommy has spent 30+ years in powersports & automotive dealerships, from his start in sales until becoming a franchised dealer principal. 

Has his name on the sale of 300,000+ powersports sales, is the #1 Go-To Industry Expert on dealership strategies, and creator of the #1 sales tool & process, MotoMenus that have changed the entire landscape of dealership operations. 

He's also a 5X US ISDE Team member, avid mountain biker, hunter,  husband, father of 3, and dedicates weekly time to helping those in need. 

Your Chance To Achieve The F&I Success You've Always Wanted Is Right Now...

...Will You Take It?

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  • 8 days of learning how to manage, grow, and scale your F&I skills, in any dealership, using F&I Challenge Secrets! ($1,995 Value)
  • Printed copy of my exclusive 'F&I Challenge Secrets Masterclass' Playbook, where you can get hands-on tasks that will bring immediate results during the challenge! (PRICELESS!)
  • The single greatest F&I Management "toolkit" to help maximize your challenges - helping you achieve success 10X faster! ($995 Value)

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LIVE 8-Day Virtual Event: 'F&I Masterclass Challenge'


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So you have the income and success you want, without the hassles and headaches of traditional F&I methods!

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